Hi there.... this site is still under construction so some of the pages are still missing and nothing is final
Hello there Traveler!
Welcome to my Hotsprings.
my small corner of the internet, my own world.
Make yourself comfortable.
Here's a cup of tea.
Do you like tea? No?
Whatever, drink up.

You see... This website still in major development... there is like nothing here... but feel free to explore my world. Ohh right... while you're here... you can sign my guestbook... or maybe just send some chat in the chatbox... i would like to know what kind of people visit my Hotsprings... I dont post anything interesting here... i just post whatever in my mind. this is a place where i can be whatever i like... well...i love doing programming and art...soo..most likely i post that kind of stuff. ohh you still reading? Nice... I don't speak perfect English so please excuse me eventual mistakes.

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